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This model is based on megatrends. Megatrends are the drivers of change because they change priorities, accelerate innovation, and redefine business models. We estimate their impact on markets and filter them by sector themes. Subsequently, a universe of innovative and disruptive companies is compiled.
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A symbiosis between our top-down and bottom-up approach. We combine a top-down forecasting system, based on survey data and scoring models, with the bottom-up approach, which incorporates valuations and analyses of opportunities. From this, we develop a portfolio tailored to your individual needs.
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As independent partners, we seek the best investment solutions for our clients. That is why, after a lengthy review phase, Chefinvest Group has decided to additionally offer its clients customized model portfolio solutions from its established network partners. We receive insights into different model portfolios from the partners. Your contact person remains Chefinvest.
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Trendinvest Model

Megatrends are the drivers of change because they change priorities, accelerate innovation and redefine business models. They are mostly longer-term developments that shape all areas of society and the economy. The companies that focus on these megatrends have prospects of gaining market share and competitive advantages. They have better prospects for the future. For this reason, these companies should be prioritized in stock selection.  The trends develop independently of the economic cycle. While they may materialize in different ways and at different speeds, they have the ability to reshape capital flows. We have classified the following megatrends as significant and included them in our focus.


Strong, long-term megatrend


Robust, long-term Megatrend


The most powerful megatrend

New Ecology

Currently important megatrend


Robust, disruptive megatrend

Social Diversity

Currently important megatrend

Silver Society

Robust, disruptive megatrend

Premiuminvest Model

The first challenge was to develop forecasts based on the underlying conditions of the economies, the foreign exchange and interest rate markets, and the stock markets. From the variety of information, we developed a top-down forecasting system based on either weighted survey data or a scoring model. With the bottom-up approach, we determine the price opportunities of individual companies based on current valuations and analyses. Our proprietary combined calculation model helps us to periodically adjust the optimal tactical weighting of asset classes within the investment profile.

Partnerinvest Model

Based on an agreement, the partners provide us with insights into their various model portfolios and provide us with guidelines for implementation. Advice on portfolio strategy selection and implementation is provided by the Chefinvest Group. In addition to our own proven investment strategies, we can thus offer our clients additional investment solutions. In this way, we underline our independence in advising clients and put the result in the foreground. The client enjoys the free choice of custodian banks and bank-independent personal support.

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